Monday, April 14, 2008

Forced Womanhood

Hello everyone, my name is Sandy, and i want to change it to sandi. I am a crossdresser who has had a recent interest in a product called Transfemme that supposedly will assist turning the male body into a more feminine one. I came across a blog about male breast enlargemnt and feminization via Transfemme.

Today that blog became really interesting when a post listed another firm that sells products similar to Transfemme that is used to feminize males. I was shocked to learn some of the males becoming feminized are "slaves" to, most often, dominant women!

How awesome it was to read some of the other posts that listed a magazine called "Forced Womanhood"! A quick google search revealed that the magazine does indeed exist AND, get this, MANY men are "force feminized" by their female counterpart! What exactly is "forced feminization"?

Feminization of men under the control of Women! In short, many, if not all, the decisions surrounding the males feminization are made by the Woman! And, I learned, most often decisions are made with any input from the "slave"! Many "slaves" are given feminizing hormone vitamins at the whim of the Woman! It is She that decided how large his/her breasts will be, how long, what style and what color his/hair will be, etc.!

If you find this concept interesting, and would like to discuss it, please do so!